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Patty Moore at 2004 BITD Vegas 200
It is now 2006 (already)! A lot has happened this past year. Chris and I were married on September 26, 2005! Chris participated, for his second time, in the African Dakar Rally and placed 4th Overall! He did amazing over there.

I had decided to take a slight break from racing last year. I wanted to give my body (and my checkbook) a rest. It was a much needed break and now I am excited again about racing. 2006 marks my 8th Year of Racing!! Wow, I can’t believe it.

I have met so many more wonderful people this past year. There is also a lot happening in the ATV world as far as racing goes on the west coast. Our numbers are increasing and it’s just amazing. The number of different series to race in has also increased!

I plan on doing more District 37 Races this year (Desert, Enduro, National Hare & Hounds) and plan on helping Chris again at some of his races. I do miss chasing and pitting for him. I will be taking a break from the BITD races this year, although I do plan on doing the AVI 150 race in October. I’m hoping to get in a couple of WORCS races as well.

For District 37 Races I race in the Amateur/Intermediate (men’s) Class.

Stay tuned and thanks for checking out my web site! Keep smiling and keep racing~
Patty (Moore) Blais

Unlike most racers, I did not start riding until the age of 24.  I was born and raised in Orange County California and I have recently moved to Apple Valley, CA. (Aug 2004)

My first ride on an ATC was at the age of 12 at Ocotillo Wells. My friend told me to get on the back and we took off.  Ten minutes later we were crashing down the side of a hill!

My next ride on an ATV (now with 4 wheels) wouldn't be until some twelve years later. While on a camping trip I jumped on my friend's quad/ATV and I took off and was gone for two hours. After that, I went home and purchased an old Suzuki 230 to get started on… not ever thinking I would race, but would only ride for fun.

After seeing a friend race at the Adelanto Grand Prix in 1999, I got the itch! I started racing one month later at a District 37 Grand Prix on a bone-stock Yamaha Warrior. In my 2nd race ever I lapped the only two other women! Two years ago I purchased a Honda 250R. I needed to go even faster… It was time!

2004 is my 6th year racing.  In the District 37 Grand Prix Series I have placed in the Top 10 four of the last five years, first in the Novice (Men's) Class and now as an Amateur, after moving up a class last year.  Three times in the last five years I have been the only woman to place in the Top 10 Grand Prix Series. In 2003 I added the D-37 "Desert" Series as well and placed 3rd Amateur and 5th overall in that series (there are no woman's classes).  This year, 2004, I also added the D-37 Enduro Series where I'm currently in 1st Place for that series.  I completed 24 races last year with no DNF's (did not finish).  In six years of racing I've only DNF'd 3 times.  I have placed several times as first overall woman in several desert, grand prix and enduro races. 
For 2005 I want to focus completely on the "Best In The Desert Series", as well as the BIG 6 Grand Prix Series for District 37. 
I train by trail riding, mountain biking, walking and regular exercise throughout the week. My boyfriend and I just moved out to the desert to be closer to our racing and so that we could train even more! We are avid off-roaders. I also chase and pit for him, many times by myself. His name is Chris Blais (Blaze) #F1. We support each other 100%. He pushes me but never too hard. It's made me a better rider to have him by my side. Our families are very supportive of what we do, and of course mine thinks I'm crazy. I've also been a co-driver/chase crew for 'Got Dirt?' Racing Team. This year I've joined 2 friends whom I've been racing with for a few years, Todd Johnson and Pete Garcia "TPP Racing", for the "Best in the Desert" series in the Expert Quad class for 2005.

I hope to continue to be a part of all this for a very long time.  We've made the greatest friendships being involved with racing.  I love life, I love the outdoors, and I love to race!     

Patty Moore
PattyMooreRacing.comQuad Racer

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