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BITD "AVI 150" Race - Oct 2006 Laughlin, NV
My Race Story

This was the most fun 4 hours and 45 minutes I've spent on my quad. The course was really fun; fast sections, then some rollers through some cactus gardens (got some stuck in my arm Lap 1), tons of 90-degree turns, twisty roads up in the hills and back down. A lot of guys were missing turns and then had to come back around. A lot of it reminded me of Gorman. It was a great 38-mile course! I truly thought more people were going to pass me in the first lap, but I kept up a great pace and was told my lap times were exactly the same for all 4 laps (1:12). I was trying to stay consistent and it helped! I drank over 150 oz of water/electrolytes during the race. It's my only weapon against all these men - to stay hydrated and focused. I am really proud of myself for where I finished - 33rd o/a out of 80 total teams!

I did not have one issue all day - no crashes, no flats - just that little chunk of cactus in my arm in the beginning. The musical artist of the day 'in my head' was anything Pat Benatar. At one point I was having so much fun that I was singing OUT LOUD "We Will Be Invincible"... Hey, whatever works, right? I was hooting and hollering at all the check people and course workers. It kept me motivated. Anyway, it was really great!!

The snowmobile things were a trip! Basically, they stuck 2 quad tires on the front and raced with the belt mechanism in the back. 1 finished and the other didn't (something about the fan burning out in the rear). Those things probly have over 100hp. I'm glad I never had to see them during the race. I know Todd was not happy about having to start behind them in the Ironman class. I chose to stay in the Expert Class which helped me stay out of a lot of dust. There were also about 15 Rhino's entered in the race. Only half survived.

Great job Todd! And great job to Pete Garcia! He rode Ironman and finished 11th overall!! Holy Cow, Pete. Great job to Phil - Ironman. He beat me by 1 1/2 minutes on time! Bob Kelsoe also finished, and Lee's team too. Lee had some clutch issues right away but they finished just within the cut-off time of 6 hours. And great job to Eric/Marc/McKenzie too! Great job to everyone for finishing. It was a blast!! We had tons of pit support with all our teams pitting together. Thanks Chris, Stacy, Juan, David, Randy, fathers, wives, cousins!

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