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2005 BITD "Parker 250”

Parker 2005
Patty just rolled out the TPP Racing Team Quad
Patty taking off on the line at  BITD "Parker 250
2005 BITD "Parker 250
2005 BITD "Parker 250
Patty Moore Q70
2005 BITD "Parker 250
Pete, Todd, and Patty finishing 6th place

Expert Team
"TPP Racing" / BITD Parker "250"

January 8, 2005

“Well, we made it to about mile 125 without a hitch but then started having bike problems, lost a lot of power, and stopped at Pit 6 (about mile 175).  That's racin' !!  Maybe next time. I will be racing the BITD-VEGAS 200 in Jean, NV SOLO!  That race will be on October 17th 2004..."
VEGAS TO RENO 2004  #Q70
Vegas to Reno 2004
Vegas to Reno Pit 3

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