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2005 BITD "Henderson Race ”


Henderson Race
Henderson, NV Dec 2-3rd 2005
Patty Blais #Q70 TPP Racing


The race weekend was fun! We went to a middle-school on Friday, my team autographed posters with some other teams, and we met a bunch of cool kids!! BITD and the City of Henderson had a street scene going on that afternoon. We hung out with everyone, got our quads ready, watched "Seven Mary Three" perform (awesome - my voice is shot from screaming like a groupie)! We woke up early Sat morning... race started at 6:30am. I went to put in my contact lenses and tore the left one. I had to race with my glasses. I had such a hard time. My eyeballs were bouncing up and down but my glasses weren't keeping up. It sucked. Anyhoo, our team did great - We got 4th out of 9 or 10 in the Expert Quad Class! It was so windy in the morning... brrrrrrrrrr! The course was VERY VERY technical.

I was honestly a little leery since this is where I crashed really bad in 2004. I didn't want to push my luck so I was being careful. Us District 37 racers did great, the others had issues. We are so used to racing in ROCKS! There were quite a few broke-down quads. Glad ours wasn't one of them! Great job to my mates Todd and Pete!!!

We had a fun, great year racing together for the first time as TPP RACING! Thanks again to Todd and Pete! First to Pete for providing the Suzuki that we raced on all year. And also thanks to both of them for their hours of prep work and long nights getting things organized. I really appreciate everything they've done and also the fact that they asked me to ride with them. This was a 1-year plan for all of us. We had a SUPER time. For 2006, we are all still racing but have different schedules. Good luck to Todd and Pete! I'll see them at most races, I'm sure!!!

I would also like to thank our pit crew, David and Marty, and also a few other gentlemen that helped us at the 1000 (Pete's co-workers). Thanks to my husband, Chris, who helped us with our pit strategies for every race (and also for his endless support)! Thanks to Pete and Todd's wives... Melissa & Sabrina! Thanks to all our quad family, D-37 family, BITD family, our own families!

TPP Racing BITD Q70
TPP Racing Team

Below is from teammate Todd Johnson

#Q70 TPP Racing

Thanks to Patty Blais and Pete Garcia for helping me this year on my efforts to build and run an ATV race team in BITD. We ended up finishing 4th at Henderson... our best finish all year and giving us an O/A finish in 6th place for the year (out of 18-20 quads in our class). Not bad for our first effort. I think we were running up agianst some heavy hitters in the Expert ATV class. We had a great time being involved and have lots of great stories to take away. We over-came some huge odds and still managed to ride with Pride all year. I could not have asked for a better group of people to ride/work with. Everyone pitched in when asked and we got the job done one way or another... So thanks again!

I also want to thank Eric, Chantal and Marc form the Team Guilty for all there help this year as well as Pete's Right Hand man David that kept putting our quad back together when I tore it up. Thanks to everyone that gave us the moral support to continue on and helped us along the way. Congrats to Eric and his team with the 3rd place o/a for the year AGAIN too.....(Q64).

Unfortunately the TPP-Racing team will not be running again in 2006 so I wish all the D37 teams that do compete next year the best of luck and ride safe. It was a hell of a year to say the least.

Thanks again one and all,
Todd Johnson #Q70

BITD Henderson Dinner  2005

 Pete at BITD Henderson 2005

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