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BITD "Las Vegas 300" Race - Oct 2006 Jean, NV
 My Race Story

I'll just say this ~ this was a true Off-Road event! The weather made this race SO interesting! It rained all night Friday night. We had an awesome thunder and lightning show on the Jean lake-bed from the trailer (main pit area). First thing Sat morning as we were all getting our pits set-up, bikes/quads ready, ourselves ready - we were hearing over the radio that they were moving the whole main pit and all of our trucks and trailers to the paved road and we would pit from there. The lake-bed was flooding and it was crazy. So we had to load up everything and everyone, move to the paved road, and set up the pit areas all over again. The race got under way and on time (6:30am). About 1/2 hour into everyone's first lap, a huge storm starting dumping more rain and flooding a lot of the canyons on the course and the whole area. At one point, Casey was actually thinking of calling the race due to safety reasons, but really did not want to do that. He wanted us to race. He stopped everyone at the halfway point, made them wait about about 20 minutes to see if the storm would lift, and it did. The race continued with a GP style finish. Our whole group did great! We had a total blast on the dust-free, puddle-filled, mud-bogging course. The bikes/quads were done racing by noon when they started the truck race. Lots of issues with lots of trucks also. Some went down the cliffs in "Beer Bottle Canyon". Everyone was OK for the most part but they were having issues getting the trucks out of there. Hope everyone is ok!

Phil and I had a total blast and I can't wait to find out what place we got (we ended up 8th out of 15). There was lots of carnage on the course - people stuck, breaking down, crashing (not good), stalling out. It was so crazy because of the storm. Todd did awesome (no issues), we did awesome (no issues) Eric,Robin, Marc did great too (no issues). The girls did great (Heather/Jen). I know a few of us stopped at some point to help downed riders. I had stopped for Nick Nelson (pro quad) who's face was bloody and he had a possible broken arm. I stayed with him for a few minutes but there was really nothing I could do but to go get help, which I did. He was rescued and taken to the hospital. He will be OK. I was followed by a film crew in a helicopter for about 5 miles on the course. It was too cool! Hope to see that on video somewhere (Outdoor Channel). Good job everyone, considering the conditions!

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