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2005 BITD Vegas to Reno

Oct. 10th, 2005 (Vegas to Reno)

We didn't have so much luck this time, but we rode until the quad couldn't take it any longer. We started having issues around mile 165, with the axle bearing carrier. Bearings went out, froze up, melted, etc etc. We did some major repairs at Pit 6, I hopped on and tried my best to get to Pit 7. With the chain coming off a couple times and then towing in another quad in miles and miles of silt, I made it to Pit 7. We did some more repairs and we tried again. I tried so hard to at least make it to Pit 8. The chain came off a couple more times, now with the case saver starting to bend and the rubber chain guides getting chewed up. (something definitely was out of line with the swing-arm) I made it to mile 229 and the quad was done. The chain was off, the case saver mounts busted, the counter sprocket loose, etc etc. I parked the quad and walked up onto the bluff and could see some course workers about a mile away. I started hiking (cuz now it's almost 4pm and getting cool and the sun going down). I radioed my guys and they knew exactly where I was. They got to me in about 1/2 hour and we were able to tow the quad out. We tried our hardest. Thanks TODD and PETE and our awesome pit crew. These guys NEVER GAVE UP!!! Chris was a big help too (thank you HUBBY!) ~


Patty Moore BITD # Q70

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